A new 15-track sophomore full length from Dallas trio Bravo Max, Bullfighter Blues out now on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, etc.

The album was mixed by Grammy-winner Stuart Sikes (The Walkmen, Modest Mouse, White Stripes, Cat Power), recorded by Matthew Barnhart (Shearwater, Destroyer, Midlake, The New Pornographers), and mastered by Billy Stull (Okkervil River, Doug Sahm, Robert Gomez, Deathray Davies).


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The new work is a decisive shift in direction for Bravo Max and it is the culmination of nearly three years of truly collaborative writing. Since slimming down to a trio from the previous release’s line up as a sextet, the band has also taken on a vastly different sound, going from raucous Americana to progressive rock and roll. In addition to top shelf musicianship by the backbone trio, guest performances, including baritone sax, steel guitar, Hammond B3 organ, trumpet, flute, and trombone, help to solidify the rowdy and emphatic style of the November release. Bullfighter Blues is a gritty and triumphant trip; it is a dreamy flash of instrumental psychedelia mixed with easily accessible rock and roll.

“One of the most complete albums out of Dallas this year.”


“Writing slowly in a fishing cabin in Canton, the new album’s sound is certainly different than the songs on the folk-tinged debut. Imagine if the Theater Fire or Telegraph Canyon decided to play music more influenced by the Kinks and Kurt Vile. That’s what you hear on Bullfighter Blues, recorded in April 2015.

Padgett is to be thanked for the punk rock approach to the songs along with blues and ’60s rock. Beauford likes the Chicago-based Bloodshot Records approach: championing the music that’s in between genres. And that attitude definitely comes across in their sound.”


91.7 KXT radio in Dallas premiered the initial teaser tracks prior to the release. Listen here via KXT


“‘Lay Low’ is just a great rock song. It comes in on a doomy, reverbed guitar riff and ultra tight drumming with a restrained, resigned vocal sitting sweetly in the mix and every now and again bursts out into grungy ‘Screaming Trees’ territory before settling down once more. It does finally break free at about two minutes twenty with an epic guitar solo and exquisitely recorded bass pushing things along, then back into the chorus briefly before another fine instrumental playout that ends entirely appropriately in a squeal of feedback. As I said, just a great rock song!

‘No Memory’ is another one of those spare, lean, muted guitar led tracks they seem to do so well while the final song ‘Seizure Girl’ is more ballad based and put me in mind of Chris Stapleton’s modern Americana and his take on ‘Tennessee Whiskey’.

This album is a lot of fun and passes a nod and wink to several musical genres, let alone eras, but the band is still able to maintain a cohesive, recognisable identity. The playing throughout is splendid and although the additional musicians add depth and interest, the core Bravo Max trio are a real rock powerhouse that remain at the heart of this sound. Top it off with great recording and production values and it all adds up to a fine piece of work indeed.”



Photo by Chloe Gonzales, CRATE DIGGERS DALLAS

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Photos by Ryan Sullivan

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